Full Spectrum
Hemp with THC

True Full Spectrum™
by Medterra

Medterra's True Full Spectrum™ Hemp will bring you comfort and calm when you need it most. With an industry leading 5:1 ratio of Hemp to other cannabinoids, including up to 2mg of THC per serving (less than 0.3% by weight), full spectrum Hemp will help you experience deeper relaxation, maintain balance, and enrich sleep.


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      True Full Spectrum™ Deep Sleep Hemp Gummies

      122 Reviews

      True Full Spectrum™ Original Hemp Gummies

      168 Reviews

      True Full Spectrum™ Hemp Oil

      130 Reviews

      True Full Spectrum™ Hemp Capsules

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      HEMP+CBG Full Spectrum Tincture


      Why Full Spectrum products are so Popular

      Full Spectrum Hemp Just Got Even Better.

      It’s true. Our new True Full Spectrum™ Hemp places the power back in hemp by prioritizing all of its cannabinoids — not just a few of them. Rich in Hemp, THC, CBG, and so much more, our new Full Spectrum collection packs the biggest punch yet.

      What Makes True Full Spectrum Hemp So Special?

      Have you ever felt like full spectrum Hemp was missing something? Yeah…neither have we.
      But it turns out there was room for improvement after all. In recent years the scientific community has become aware that Hemp works much better if it’s taken alongside hemp’s other “active ingredients.”
      What’s more, these other active ingredients work best if they’re taken the way nature intended. Which way is that? The way they show up within the hemp plant! Hemp contains carefully balanced amounts of dozens of cannabinoids and hundreds of terpenes.
      Our True Full Spectrum™ Hemp is designed to honor nature’s original balance. It contains an industry-leading 5:1 ratio of Hemp to other cannabinoids, including up to 2mg of THC per serving. The end result is a powerful, dynamic experience.

      Better balance
      The human body is incredibly complex. Considering how many moving parts it has, it’s a small miracle that most of us walk around healthy most of the time!

      And even if your body has gotten out of balance, don’t worry — hemp could be a perfect antidote. Its active ingredients provide your endocannabinoid system with everything you need to get rebalanced and back on track.

      Less stress
      Who doesn’t want a little less stress in their lives? True Full Spectrum™ Hemp may reduce stress hormone production and provide a buffer against daily wear and tear. With less stress comes all sorts of downstream health benefits. The possibilities are endless: you might start sleeping better, thinking more positively, or recovering faster from workouts.

      Deeper relaxation
      Most people feel tangibly calmer after taking Hemp — particularly if they’re taking Hemp that’s truly full spectrum. You might just find yourself feeling like the real you again.

      Better sleep
      Some research hints that Hemp can normalize your circadian rhythm, leading to naturally better sleep. While more research is needed, thousands of people are experiencing this benefit already!

      True Full Spectrum Hemp: One Extract, Four Options

      True Full Spectrum™ Hemp’s blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds can benefit anyone with an endocannabinoid system.
      Not everyone, however, has the same taste or product preferences, which is why we offer three types of full spectrum products:

      Our True Full Spectrum™ Gummies are available in two different varieties: Deep Sleep, and Original. You’ll be getting access to immersive effects and amazing flavors regardless of which option you choose.

      Oils and Tinctures
      True Full Spectrum™ Oils and Tinctures are also available in two different varieties. Feel free to choose between our tried-and-true Hemp Drops and a mood-boosting Hemp+Hemp Tincture.

      Our True Full Spectrum™ Capsules place the same extract that powers our other products into an ultra-convenient format. Place your routine on autopilot with Hemp capsules — there’s no measuring, no mess, and no mental energy needed!

      Trusted — And Verified

      Each and every ingredient in our full spectrum line is there for a reason. Every ingredient has been chosen by our Medical Advisory Board for its scientifically-proven benefits…every product has been extensively lab-tested before being sent out to you.
      That means you can have confidence that you’re getting everything your body needs to thrive — and none of the weird additives or chemicals it doesn’t. Discover the power of true-to-nature Hemp today.