Can you buy CBD in St. Petersburg, Florida? You certainly can.

If you are in St. Pete’s, you’re obviously enjoying life in the Florida sun. And of course, you’re on the other side of the bay saying hello to Tampa as you see it. You may be catching a Rays game at nearby Tropicana Field, too. If you are anywhere in town, you’re probably near a place that sells CBD products. The real questions is, where can you buy CBD in St. Petersburg, Florida? You could be very close by. Medterra will be happy to help with that. We have a product locator that you can find on our website. All you have to do is plug in your current location and you’ll find the locations that sell our products. Whether it’s a 7-Eleven or any place that sells our products, you’ll know how far you are. You can make a quick trip, pick up one of our tinctures, creams, or gummies, and try it out for yourself. Our products are made from hemp that is grown right here in the USA. When it comes to American grown hemp, it’s always going to be tested for quality and safety. And it’s supposed to meet strict guidelines to ensure that it can be used without issue. Tested in third-party labs, it shows that it is free of all toxic and harmful chemicals and pesticides. And we’ve got the papers to prove it. Our lab report and certificates of analysis can be found on our website. Take your time to look through it before considering buying our products so you know what to expect. If you are looking for Full Spectrum CBD, we have it too. If you have any concerns about the legality of it, you’re probably asking: is Full Spectrum CBD legal in St. Petersburg, Florida? Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you are allowed to purchase CBD products that contain less than .03 percent THC. So you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws in the state of Florida regarding marijuana. Now that you know about our CBD products, it’s time to check them out for yourself. Stop by any participating location in St. Petersburg and get your hands on some Medterra CBD today.