Can you buy CBD in Charlotte, North Carolina? The answer is yes, you can.

There also seems to be some confusion regarding the legal status of marijuana in the state of North Carolina. Marijuana as we know it is partially decriminalized in this state. CBD on the other hand is legal in all 50 states thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The next question you’re probably asking might be ‘is Full Spectrum CBD legal in Charlotte, North Carolina’? Thankfully, you can since it contains .3 percent THC, which is the maximum allowable amount that you can possess. There are plenty of CBD products to choose from the Medterra brand. But the real question is where can you buy CBD in Charlotte, North Carolina?That’s where our product locator comes into play. You can pull it up on our website and check out the nearest locations where you can purchase our products. Whether it’s our creams or gummies, you can find them at participating locations such as 7-Eleven. You’re probably wondering if our products are high in quality. Our website contains information from our lab reports and has our certifications of analysis. So you know what’s inside our products. To give you a glimpse, we can say that our products contain no harmful chemicals, toxins, or pesticides. It’s safe to use and effective. If you are happy with our products, you know which brand to trust and where to get them. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. The Queen City is home to the passionate fans of the Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers. Whether you’re at the game or watching at home, it’s never been so exciting watching the home team. No matter where you are in the city, there’s a good chance you may be near a place that sells our Medterra products. Made from high-quality hemp, you might just get something better than what you have used for CBD products in the past. Don’t wait any longer. Plug into our product locator and find a place near you that sells our products. Once you try them, you’ll probably never go back to anything else. Check us out now.